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One Man's Jazz


967 Ashburn Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
ph. 204-783-9236
em. onemansjazz@shaw.ca


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One Man's Jazz

One Man's Jazz has been in existence since 1999. I had always wanted to try my hand at doing radio because I loved jazz, had too many records, was active in it as a performer, and I was working as an artist representative and manager for primarily jazz artists. And apparently I have a “radio” voice. Ha! So when a new local college station was looking for volunteers, I jumped at the chance. I was so excited the day of my first show that I left the house wearing my house slippers.

That excitement has not left, and even though I tired of the college scene, I decided to head for the world of extraterrestrial radio and join Taint Radio, where a bunch of great programmers all freely program whatever the hell they like. And I do too. My tastes in the music have changed considerably since those first days of Brubeck and early Miles and Coltrane. Nowadays I'm all about expanding the palette, looking at artists from other countries besides North America, searching beyond the mainstream, and focusing on moving the music forward.

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  1. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Trios, Trios, Trios and Vlek (January 16, 2019)
  2. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Wadada Leo Smith, Sabu Toyozumi & More (January 09, 2019)
  3. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Piotr Baron, Benjamin Deschamps & More (January 02, 2019)
  4. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Cale Brandley & Triptych Myth and Philip Zoubek (December 26, 2018)
  5. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Wayne Horvitz, Kamil Piotrowicz and More (December 19, 2018)
  6. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Quinsin Nachoff’s Flux & Hot Heros (December 12, 2018)
  7. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Sean Moran, James Banner’s Usine and More (December 05, 2018)
  8. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Dominik Wania, Satoko Fujii, Alistair Spence And More (November 28, 2018)
  9. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Jonathan Finlayson, Master Oogway & More (November 21, 2018)
  10. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Mountweazel, Tim Haldeman & More (November 15, 2018)
  11. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Trios and Quartets In Abundance (November 07, 2018)
  12. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Devin Gray, Jakob Bro Trio and More (October 31, 2018)
  13. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Cuong Vu, Phil Schurger, Cluttertones and More (October 24, 2018)
  14. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Nicole Mitchell, Brom & Thomas Morelli-Bernard (October 17, 2018)
  15. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Enrique Haneine, Antonio Borghini and Adam Hopkins (October 10, 2018)
  16. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Flora Carbo, Mário Costa and Wocjiech Jachna (October 04, 2018)
  17. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Pedro Melo Alves, Rich Halley and more (September 26, 2018)
  18. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Edward Vesala, Jean-Paul Celea, The Necks & more (September 19, 2018)
  19. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Black Motor, Tomasz Stanko and Other New Releases (September 12, 2018)
  20. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Tomasz Dabrowski, Thumbscrew and other new releases (September 07, 2018)
  21. [no cover] Multiple Artists
    Running The Bas(s)es (August 23, 2018)
  22. From Glen Hall and Gil Evans to Charles Lloyd to Martin Kuchen Multiple Artists
    From Glen Hall and Gil Evans to Charles Lloyd to Martin Kuchen (August 15, 2018)



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